The exercise ball

So, this week I bought an exercise ball at Costco. It’s a deluxe one, apparently. It came with accessories: a couple of DVDs and some sort of harness. They make it sound like a compact gym. You can use it for all sorts of heinous forms of exercise. For $12.99 I figured, “Why not?” Well, I got it home, and opened the box and sure enough it has all the promised accessories but no pump to put the air in it. How am I supposed to fill it without a pump? They seem to just expect that one will have a pump with a needle valve laying around the house. If I had one of those, maybe I’d ride my bike. Maybe I wouldn’t be so overweight. Maybe I wouldn’t need the ball system. (All those accessories must surely make it a system.) Whatever. I guess I’ll suck it up and borrow one this weekend so I can get started.

Post Script: I went out and bought a ball pump. I attached the needle valve, and took the plug out of the ball: the hole is huge. Way too big for the tiny valve, so I blew it up with my mouth, which was completely ineffective. It left it way too spongy for me to use it for anything other than a comedy routine. So now I am looking for a different sort of ball pump. This is way harder than it should be. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep walking with the (new!) iPod.


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