The Beat Goes On

Another rock has rolled into my path this week. My supervisor called me in on Friday to say that she really needed my help to figure out what jobs I could do next year so she could justify keeping me on at 40%. And the other 60%? Oh, that. Back to the classroom, she guesses. It was one of those conversations where you are a step behind the whole time. We were about 10 minutes into it before I realized that she was only talking about 40% of my time. The other 60% cut in my job was just a given that she had been living with for some time, apparently. Not important enough to mention it to me succinctly. So, she offered to be available over the weekend if I wanted to talk about it. What is to talk about, really? The issue is the 100%, not all the little chunks of it. So, if no other position that I can apply for becomes open, I will be back in the classroom full time next year.  Reduction Physics definitely comes into play in this situation. It probably represents not only a substantial cut in pay, but two months with no paycheck at all, due to differences in contract schedules. So I must strive to reduce my debt and save for a dry spell at the same time.

I think the irony of it is that there is a substantial pot of Title III money, federal money which is not being cut, in the district coffers. This is money for improving learning conditions for English learners. We have a number of schools in Program Improvement, all of which have a significant population of English learners. I have about 15 years of experience working successfully with this population, a Masters Degree about the subject and a Bilingual/Cross-cultural teaching credential (BCLAD). I love coaching and mentoring teachers. I write and publish articles about it and am often asked to speak about the topic in places outside our area. I could serve the school district well in a role that focused on English learners. However, the person who carries the title of EL Coordinator is a clerical person, who is quite competent in the field of testing, but has never stood in front of a classroom.

I wonder at the fact that carving out a position in which I could be of benefit to the school district with English learners has not occurred to anyone. Or perhaps it has and it was rejected. It is this sort of disconnect that sets my head spinning. Strangely enough, although a little discombobulated by this newest change, I don’t feel panic. I know that however things turn out I will be fine. Even though I can’t necessarily see it, there is order in the Universe.  And the beat goes on!


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