Keeping in balance

The fence has been rebuilt, I’m struggling with my dietary changes and my back is out so I’m not walking because it hurts too much. My iPod is loaded and ready to go, but after a block I ache, feeling every little portion of my sacroiliac region. So, what will I do about that? Join Curves for a while because it is not too strenuous? I need some activity to maintain flexibility and build some core strength while I lose weight. I do fine on all those stairs at work. They don’t bother me at all. Yet a walk around my neighborhood is excruciating.

Finding balance with food and water is tricky. I’ve been eating badly for so long, my body is attuned to that. Even though I sense that it craves things like brown rice and chard, it seems like so much trouble to fix that kind of food. I’d rather go get a couple Duke’s tacos and call it good. I like the idea of eating locally (see the 100 mile diet link in the blogroll sidebar) but actually doing it has yet to occur. I’m working up to it, though. I think.


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