Green drinks

This morning I tried something new. I made a smoothie of frozen banana, spring water, frozen strawberries and fresh baby spinach. It looked pretty nasty, but tasted great. Not as sweet as a smoothie without spinach, but it only vaguely tasted like spinach. According to Vickie White, an online Feng Shui consultant’s recent newsletter:

Here’s the thing. Leafy greens are chock full of nutrients…. including amino acids (yes, that’s protein)… and more nutrients than in any other food group. Now, it’s not like you can just cook up a huge pile of greens and get all these nutrients. Many of them are destroyed by cooking. And it’s not like you can just eat a huge salad. The nutrients are stored inside the tough cell walls of the greens – and we’d need to chew each bite to a creamy consistency to break it down enough to absorb the nutrients. Cows can do it – have you ever watched them chewing their cud? None of us can do that much chewing.

Drinking bottled green smoothies won’t do it for you either because they’ve been through a pasturization process that involves heating, which destroys nutrients.

The answer is to blend the greens with fruit -in a good blender. The blender is doing your chewing for you and when the greens are broken down you can readily absorb their nutrients.

I finally got the nerve to try it, and am glad I did. I’m going to try a green drink every morning for a month, and see how I feel. On Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market and the greens were lush and rampant, so it’s a good time to try this.   So. I’ll report back on this anon.


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