Getting in Trouble…not!

Once again I seem to have gotten myself into a little trouble. Nothing big, but further debasement. (At least my frame of mind was in de basement when it was over!) I am always willing to go out on a limb for the good of the students, and recently I seem to have once again overstepped my bounds in that effort. I don’t feel at all bad for what I did, and the details of it are really insignificant. What it brings up for me is the realization that we all think differently, and without wanting to cause problems, sometimes we just can’t help creating a little conflict. Being the low one on the totem pole at my work, I back down every time, but I don’t think I am wrong. I am not such an in-the-box thinker as some of those I work with, and that definitely can create ripples. I understand that others have to report to the powers that be, which causes them to hold back, but really I think it goes beyond that. Some people are just naturally more cautious than others. And ne’er the twain shall meet, as they say. They will be glad to see my back, I’m thinking.

Now more than ever, I’m looking forward to change in my workplace, but also change in my life in the world. When I put too much emphasis on my work life – that is, when work becomes my entire life – I take the knocks harder than when the more valued portion of my life is outside of work. That may seem to be a no-brainer, but for me it is a lesson hard-learned. And the kids that I work with are needy in so many ways that it is impossible to put them on the sidelines. I just have to try to find a balance, and to keep on fighting for them. And fighting for myself, and what I believe is right.

Thanks for checking in!


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