Green drinks, still

I am still making green drinks in the morning. I have been feeling so virtuous about them for some time now. Then last Saturday I met a friend for coffee and as I was extolling the virtues of the wondrous blender creations, he mentioned that he’d read that mixing fruit and vegetables causes gas. OMG!! I thought about how bloated I’ve been for about the same time as I’ve been making green drinks. But I BELIEVE IN THEM!! I judge myself favorably for drinking them every day. How can that be what is making me balloon up?

So I skipped Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sure enough, I felt much slimmer, not big and bloated. Then this morning I coudn’t resist. I made one with frozen bananas, blackberries (frozen and fresh) and kale. Lots of nice fresh organic kale from the Farmer’s Market. it was truly AWFUL. Way too much kale, not cold enough, big seeds that felt like dirt…I could barely choke it down. So now I have to re-evaluate. I wonder if anyone has any info about this mixing fruit and veggies thing. Is it really a gas-promoting mixture? Do I really have to give up my beloved green drinks?! Anyone?


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