The generation of comments

I have been blogging for a few months this year, and did so for a while last year. I still consider myself a rookie blogger, but I’m getting into it. A sort of difficult thing for me is determining what a blog is about for myself. My version, that is. I started this one to talk about what the subtitle says: losing weight, debt and uncertainty. A broad scope, sort of. These are things that I focus on a lot in my life, and I thought maybe if I talk about them publicly it will not only strengthen my own resolve with regard to changes I want to make, I might even generate a conversation which will be interesting to more than just me. So at first I wrote about some stuff – weight and credit card debt. I bravely told a couple of friends about my blog, and waited to see if they would acknowledge reading it. Each of them did respond once, but not again. So was it boring and they couldn’t bear to read it again? Could be. Was it too personal, too much like a journal and they felt like comments would be an imposition? Like they were lurking where they weren’t invited? But I’d invited them! After a few months I am getting more bold. An online journal just isn’t that much fun. I want a conversation, some feedback. Most of the blogs I read are about technology. How to do new Web 2.0 stuff. I’m interested in that, but does anyone just write about things like being a person in the world? Does that make it a journal and not for commenting on? I see in my blog stats that a few people read this blog occasionally – my big day so far was 6 reads, I think. But still no comments. Today I added it to the blogroll of my other site, the one that gets read more often, and occasionally commented on (okay, only by one valient person – thanks Bonnie), so maybe someone there will notice it. And what I have to say will resonate with them (you) enough that they will leave me a comment.

If you are reading this (and I don’t know who you are!) I would appreciate it if you would talk to me a little about the commenting issue. What sorts of blogs do you comment on, and why not this one? I do love to see that you have been here. I’ll be patient, but please, feel free to talk to me! Thanks and have a good day.


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