Green drinks and balance…

Are you sick of this topic yet? It’s like my new religion. So, here’s what has happened. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the supposed bloating effects of mixing fruits and vegetables. Feeling quite paunchy in the middle, I decided to stop the green drinks and see if that went away. The results are in, and I have begun my green drinks again. A couple of days ago I noticed that my whole routine had sort of fallen apart. I couldn’t figure out what to eat and when, so I was just eating anything that came along. I quit paying attention to my money plan and quit exercising. I wasn’t even drinking water. And I was no less bloated than before! Without my realizing it, the daily routine of making a green drink in the morning and eating a bowl of plain yogurt an hour or so later had become very important to my balance. It kind of created a frame for my day. I don’t really understand it completely, but ni modo. I’m drinking them again and that’s that.

I forget how delicate a balance we achieve in our lives. A daily routine can sometimes be the critical piece that keeps us on our feet. Literally.


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