Summer Reading

A few days ago I received a message about a book I could review for a listserv that I moderate. When I went to Amazon to order it, I couldn’t resist ordering a couple of other things on my list – free shipping, you know. Yesterday they arrived, four new books. Whoa! I hadn’t bought any books for a while. I did, however have an overdue library book, so I thought I should go and renew it. Between the library door and the checkout/renewal desk, I happened on five other books that I needed to check out. Then on the way home, a magazine assaulted me at Safeway, and I brought it home as well. I’ve been wanting to join a new bookclub about women in the Middle East, so I stopped and bought next week’s book, as well. Then I went home. I brought them all into the house, delighted with myself. I put them all on the table and reveled in the stack. After I ate dinner, I took them with me to the sofa while I watched TV. Every so often I’d just pick one or two up and leaf through it, then put it back for a few minutes. I was wallowing in those books. It occurred to me that I could look at this as my summer reading, even though the majority of it needs to be read and returned within three weeks. But I’m fast, right? I am. So it’s my early summer reading. Finally, I realized that for me reading fits the definition of clutter that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. (Clutter being anything that keeps you from connecting.) And that I’ve just stocked up on it. Hm. I still plan to read it all. Then I’ll declutter. Then I’ll connect.

So, want to know what I’ll be reading? Here goes:

Teaching Writing With Latino/a Students: Lessons learned at Hispanic-serving Institutions. This is the one I’m reviewing for the listserv.

The Latehomecomer, a Hmong Family Memoir, by Kao Kalia Yang. This one is brand new, and I’m excited about reading it. I’ve worked with Hmong students for a long time, and have visited Laos so I avidly read about all this.

Iran Awakening: One Woman’s Journey to Reclaim her LIfe and Country, by Shirin Ebadi. This is for the Middle East Bookclub. I love reading about the Middle East.

Negocios, por Junot DIaz. This is my libro en Español for this summer.

Mudbound, by Hilary Jordan. I heard a review of this one on NPR and have been wanting to read it. I might choose it for my other bookclub. (But I might choose Water for Elephants.)

Secrets & Mysteries, by Denise Linn. This is a book for spiritual well-being.  Lord knows I need centering assistance.

The Aerialist by RIchart Schmitt. Circus novel. It will go fast.

Shoe Addicts, Anonymous by Beth Harbison. This one is what I call a “TV Novel.” Like you start it on Sunday afternoon and finish the next day. You maybe don’t read it in front of people cause it seems so fluffy. The kind that I usually listen to in the car.  Delicious!

The Complete Vegan Cookbook. Okay, I’ll browse this one. Maybe try a few recipes. Or not.

Looking Good: A Comprehensive Guide to Wardrobe Planning, Color and Personal Style Development. I have good color sense, but no style sense to speak of. I keep wanting to present myself better and feel like I never quite make it. So.

Oprah Magazine, June 2008. Need I say more??

Oh yeah, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  A weighty tome I predict.  But probably just what I need right now.

So there it is, my bounty. Is there that much room in my brain? I guess so. For now.


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