Harleys and Harleys

What is the deal with men in their fifties and their Harleys? If you ever frequent online dating sites, and happen to look in that age range, you know that the Harley is ubiquitous. In the section about what you are most passionate about, or what you do in your spare time, it seems like every other one says “riding my Harley.” Is it the bad boy image they’re after? I know that riding a motorcycle is fun and feels free, and all that, and that a fifty-year-old probably has the resources that he didn’t have when he was younger. But yet. When these guys were young, the ultimate bad boy was a Harley-riding Hell’s Angel, so it stands to reason that as the hair recedes and the vigor diminishes a little, looking for a symbol of virility and vitality like a big hog motorcycle is probably appealing. But do they really think mentioning it on their online dating profile will attract women? Does it? It doesn’t attract me. I’m more taken with introspection, kindness, artistry and literacy. Someone who wants to actually make contact with another person.

Is this then the new pattern in our culture: the women get Botox and fake boobs and the men get Harleys and hope for a twenty-two year old?

To me, there is something wrong with this picture. All that trying to be other than oneself, trying to look good so no one notices that you’re not at home on the inside. Trying to recapture what has past rather than relish what we have right now. I find it exhausting. And kind of sad.


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