Philly Cheese Steak? No, beets!

I find myself with a little extra time this morning in Philadelphia.  I got up early and went out to take some photos in the fresh early light.  Except it is already about 90 degrees, and the air feels like pudding, so I lasted for about ten minutes.  Wouldn’t you know I’d be here just in time for a record-breaking heat wave?  It is beautiful down here in the historical area, from what I’be seen.  Not only have I seen very little of it, because of my inability to tolerate the climate,  I have committed a gross fauxpas…I have declined to try a philly cheese steak.  The idea of grilled roast beef and onions topped off with Cheez Whiz on a big flaky roll just doesn’t go down.  All I can think of are salads vegetables and water.  Well, and ice cream.  Okay, strawberry-rhubarb cobbler or pie with ice cream.  And beets.  I have eaten beets with feta or goat cheese every day since I’ve been here, after not eating a single beet for at least five years.  What is with my sudden affection for this humble rubylike vegetable?  The other night at The White Dog restaurant (prime tourist spot – all organic local food, made on the premises) I had a beet salad that would have been satisfying as a dessert. (Except that I ate it first and had dessert afterwards.) Thick slices of tender beets layered with mild creamy goat cheese, with a few little greens on top and some spiced walnuts scattered around the base.  Topped off with a light viniagrette, it was dreamy.  All you beet haters read it and weep!  I will certainly be weeping when next I go to Weight Watchers and face the scale.  Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Philly Cheese Steak? No, beets!

  1. reprimanda says:

    oh yes!! I love, love beets. jacob and i were at a bbq last summer and someone brought beets to ‘que up, and we were hooked. mmmmmmmmmm

  2. lynnjake says:

    I”ve never heard of barbequeing beets. I bet they were juicy and sweet. How about beet borscht? Do you like that? Cold with a dollop of sour cream? Yumm.

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