And now for the list…

I’m home from the AVID Institute, and ready for four weeks off.  The time will fly, and I feel like I need to plan it to make the most of it.  I need to clean my house, and get rid of a lot of clutter that congests it and myself.  Vickie White said that “Clutter holds your dreams.”  That strikes a chord in me.  I think that the stuff that clogs up my space holds me back.  If I have to wend my way around old stuff, be it physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, I can’t go on with my life in any new direct way.  I have no room for anything new when I’m hampered by the old.  So decluttering is in order.  Cleaning and scrubbing corners.  When the house is clean enough for carpet cleaning I feel free.  Maybe I should schedule that now to put some pressure on me to meet my other goals in these short weeks.  Schedule a yard sale?

I’m going to the gym with greater regularity.  I will definitely continue that, trying to ramp up my workouts.  It’s funny, I hold myself back from a grueling workout because I fear not being able to do it, then feel a little disappointed when I’m not sore from the workout I do.  My goal at this point is to be able to go to and complete an exercise class – any exercise class!  I have four weeks to find the rhythm of this, and combine it with my goal of eating locally, organically.  I am doing rather well in this area, actually.  Hurray for me.

I have to write a book review and make some progress on the novel.  Yesterday Mayaoel was commenting on how some writers frustrate her, because they won’t even sit down to write.  She was excited when I told her I plan on doing some work on the book this week.  She was full of ideas, wanting to discuss mine.  I keep wondering why she cares so much about it.

I need to move my stuff out of my old office.  They are eager to clean off my computer so they can move it downstairs to their office.  I wonder why, as it is a 3 year-old PC that I brought with me when I came to work there.  I was planning to take it with me to my new school.  Just transfer it to that school’s inventory.  Why do they want it so much?  Are they checking to see what else I’ve got packed?  The demeanment from that arena just reaches out looking for me, it seems.  I have to plan my classes for next year.  Seventh and eighth grades I’ll be teaching.  I’ve written about that ad nauseum, I know.  The time is looming.  I also have to prep four days of professional development for the district.  Getting ready for starting school on my birthday, possibly for the first time ever in my life.  Shall I take cupcakes?  Maybe so.

I guess I’ll be doing well to get stuff cleaned up and cleared out in this time.  I hope I can fit a couple of days at the beach into the equation.  I am going to a storytelling festival if the woods aren’t on fire.  Maybe I’ll take a little trip to San Francisco to see the Frida exhibit at the SFMOMA. I will definitely make a new altar or two in my home.  Hang the prayer flags.  Make a new string of beads.  Keeping things moving…


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