Catchup time.

With regard to the previous posting, I copped out and did not attend said bookclub meeting.  It wasn’t hard to miss, I was tired.  Today a friend suggested that I simply wear an Obama button to the next one.  Since the next book is an autobiography of Thomas Merton, a Catholic monk, I may or may not get it up to even read it, which would once again impact my desire to attend the meeting.  The next one will be on the eve of the election I think.  So we’ll see where that goes.

This new school year has been kicking my butt, to put it mildly.  Ninety new children to tame, 247 CELDT tests to give and process, ordering and making multiple inquiries about the status of the AVID binders and a big print order to coordinate have all been an overwhelm for me.  Oh, and the staff member who doesn’t bother to hide her disdain for me. She has gotten to me more than I would like to admit.

I haven’t been to the gym once since school started, and I seem to just sleep, eat a little and go to work.  I haven’t been doing what feeds me, and I’m feeling the impact.  I make a weekly blog post on my teacher blog which is the extent of my writing, I do no arty thing at all and my house is a mess.  Pathetic, really.

It is time to turn over a new leaf.  Put myself on a computer diet, and get moving.  It’s pretty easy to just sik into my office chair and click around until it’s time for TV or bed.  I’ve barely started on the TV part, but the sleeping a lot is indicative of my ravaged state of mind.  So, I think water and exercise are on the agenda for this week.  I will fight my way back from the fog.


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