Quote for the day: “You can’t get to wonderful without passing through alright.”

That quote by Bill Withers is my mantra for the weekend.  I am such an overachiever, I tend to lose interest if I’m only alright at something.  I have this need to be wonderful, and when I don’t achieve that right away I look elsewhere.  I need to take a deep breath and keep forging ahead with that which interests (or compels) me.  This would include:

1.  Writing a novel.  I still want to.  NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I’m beginning to prepare.  I WILL win this year.  Winning in this context has nothing to do with other people, it just means I will finish.  Meet my goal of 50,000 words in 30 days.  Ideas are spinning through my head every day!

2.  Back to Weight Watchers.  I’ve slacked on everything since school started.  Once I begin to slack I hit wonderful at it really quickly it seems.

3.  Ditto for the gym.

4.  Enhancing my home.  I want to begin to invite people over regularly, and I don’t do it because I can’t quite get on top of it anymore.  I wonder why this is…

5.Use my spiritual tools to balance my life.  This goes for the classroom as well.   Where is my head that I haven’t been using these?

6.  I want to learn to paint.  I wonder if I have to learn to draw first.

7.  I want and need to align my work that is outside teaching school.  I have some big presentations coming up and need to get ready.

And seven is enough for any list.  Let’s see how many of these I manage to address this week.  Just for starters.  You can’t get to wonderful without first passing through alright…you can’t get to wonderful without first passing through…you can’t get to wonderful without first…Yeah.


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