On being overeager

Okay, in my last post I made an ambitious list on which I blithely said I’d try to make progress this week.  What was I thinking?  Learn to paint?  Right.  I haven’t even managed the gym or Weight Watchers, much less learned to paint.  I did learn to use the cord that connects my iPod to my car radio.  I also worked on planning for NaNoWriMo a little – helped set up the Google calendar, and planned a couple of events.  I finished reading a novel, too.  But really, learn to paint?  Someday, but not this week.

There is something so appealing to me about making lists.  It’s as if I can pull my thought together and actually accomplish something if I can just put it in a list.  The thing is my mind is always able to see what needs to be done, but my will falters at the sight of a list.  Like there are two minds in there, one making the list and the other shrinking from it.  What is that saying – the spirit is willing but the fleslh is weak?  Something like that is at work here, I think.  Painting indeed.


2 thoughts on “On being overeager

  1. lynnjake says:

    Bonnie – I am glad you are going to be noveling as well! Let’s include some writing time in our photosafari in Texas! (Annual Meeting? What?!”

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