Sunday musings

This morning I went out early with a couple of friends and answered phones for the local public radio station’s pledge drive.  I happened to choose the phone that rang first, so got to answer most of the calls.  It was fun.  I’d always wanted to do that, but had never quite managed to volunteer in time.  I think I could’ve been a good radio personality.  I love the sound of my voice on a microphone!  With those big headphones on it sounds so great!  (Not what I did today, but I’m just saying.) Or I could’ve been a phone sex operator.  OK, maybe not that.

So now I’m pushing to get some work done on my presentation for NWP in San Antonio in November, as well as lesson planning done for the week.  Then I’m going to something this afternoon called “Tapping.”  I don’t know what it is yet, but seems to be a spiritual practice of some sort.  Their website mentions Rhonda Byrnes’ “The Secret,” which is about the Law of Attraction.  Which is actually Abraham information translated into best seller format.  Anyway, I’m interested.  I wonder why it’s called Tapping.  Do they tap your meridian lines or your chakras?  Table tapping?  We’ll see.  I can use some spiritual renewal about now; I’ve been feeling pretty disconnected.

I think what I probably need more than anything is a day or so a week without touching my computer.  I spend too much time there, and not enough on my life, and I need to turn that around.  It is so compelling to just go check things out.  LIke I’ll be working around the house, and my mind will stray to something I want to know about, and I have to stop and go look it up online before I forget.  Then I get sidetracked and don’t get back to whatever I had intended to do.  I’m going to work on that, I think.


One thought on “Sunday musings

  1. blkdrama says:

    Sounds very productive! I love the sound of my voice on a voice over as well. How about some work for Obama? Can’t wait to get home and get jiggy for Barack!
    The Raisins should be arriving at your place very soon as well,

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