Tap, tap, tap

Today I went to a “Tapping” session. (http://www.tapping.com/)   I don’t know the science (or philosophy, as it may be) behind this practice, and I wasn’t told about it today.  I just experienced it for a couple of hours, so I’ll start by describing what we did.  First we sat in a circle, in the center of which was a pitcher of water and a box of Kleenex, and were handed two index cards, a small paper cup and a pen.  We were instructed to write our name and a quality we wanted to infuse into the event.  We were to breathe deeply and imagine the pitcher of water infused with the quality we wrote down, and then we each drank a little cup of water to hydrate us before we began.  (The quality I wrote was calm/peace.  I guess that’s what she meant.) Then we were asked to write an issue we wanted to deal with today.  She sort of suggested we not choose a super hot issue (like PTSD, for example), as those are better dealt with one on one.  We were to write it down as though it was the title of a movie, our personal movie.  Then we were to write the negative self-talk we associate with that issue, who we blame for it, and the positive outcomes we’d like to experience with regard to it.

“Whoa,” I thought.  “This is sounding personally revealing.  I don’t even know most of these people.”  I tried to choose something that wasn’t too hot, so I wouldn’t be likely to cry.  (the box of tissues worried me a little.)  So I wrote down, “Revaluing the Center.”  I wrote sme other stuff that I won’t detail here, but it was about making time for myself.  We then went around the circle one by one and she asked us to read the things we had written (OMG – is this an encounter group?!).

This is when the tapping came in.  First we rubbed our upper chest in a place that was sore – a lymph channel I guess.  Then the leader would say something  – it’s hard to explain – but she would demonstrate where we should tap our bodies.  It usually started on the eyebrow, then beside the eye, then below the eye,  below the nose, below the lower lip, then the side of the hand, the sides of each finger and then when we got to positive affirmations, the top of head.  I assume we were tapping meridians.  Everyone repeated what the leader said, even though it was one person’s issue.  It seemed like you found an issue, spoke it outl loud, acknowledged it, then affirmed it away.  Something like that.

It turned out that we could all relate to everyone’s feelings.  It all pertained to me, it seemed.  Things like permitting myself to be in my own power, to include humor and laughter in my life.  It went way beyond just my own issue that I had mentioned.

I came away feeling like I had some new awareness, yet at the same time aware that I was holding back.  I didn’t want to get emotional with those people that I didn’t know.  With anyone, actually.  It was interesting, I will say.  I am interested now in seeing if I notice anything in the coming days that seems related to the work.  The website has videos about it.  It was interesting – I’m glad I went.  Tap, tap,tap…


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