Credit cards be gone!

Today I juggled a credit card.  I’m determined to get the stupid things paid off.  I have had one card through my credit union for a long time.  That was all I wanted.  Then Costco added an American Express card to its membership card, and I was swept up by the rebate offer.  I signed up, not realizing that the interest was over 17%.  Duh.  So I used it a little, for things like tires that would create a bigger rebate, and paid it off right away.  That was fine until last December when I somehow ran it up too high to pay off all at once.  I took my gd to visit her ggm in Mexico, and ya-da-ya-da, and maxed it out.  Then the big storm hit in January, no power, huge outgo of cash to remove the tree that fell in my front yard, replace my fence that blew down and I missed a payment without even realizing it.  The next month I caught it up, once I noticed that I hadn’t paid it, and didn’t worry about it.  Until they raised the interest to 29%. Yes, indeed.  So I paid it down, and asked them to reduce the interest and they declined, saying they couldn’t do so for at least a year.

At that point I went out looking for a 0% card to transfer the balance to.  When I finally found one, American Express had spontaneously reduced my interest rate to 14.9%, so transferring the balance became less urgent.  I have been diligent about paying that card.  The day the bill is issued, I pay the minimum plus $200 or so.  And I don’t use it at all.

So, here it comes.  Last Thursday, I was traveling for business and decided to put my hotel on that card, since it would be reimbursed.  I had at least $800 available credit on it and the hotel was less than $300.  When I checked in to the hotel, I handed the card to the clerk and a minute later she told me it had been declined.  I was shocked.  I haven’t charged on it, I knew what the balance was and it should not have been a problem.  I used my ATM card and then went to my room to investigate the newest American Express issue.  Nothing looked any different to me.  Finally two days later I received an email from them informing me that they had decided to reduce my credit limit.  They say the wrote me a letter telling me why, but they wanted to let me know right away by email.  (More like by card declinement).

I’ve had enough with them.  Today I activated the 0% interest card and transferred the balance from the AmEx card.  I wish they would notice and feel bad that by jacking me around they lost all that interest I would have paid.  But they won’t even care.  I wonder if Costco would care that the card they have affiliated themselves with is so crooked.  Maybe I’ll try them.  I’ll definitely get a regular costco card so I can cut that sucker up.  That’ll show em.  Right.  My focus on paying them both off is redoubled today.  Every spare cent will go towards that effort.


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