Aging gracefully?

Something happened today which has me flummoxed.  It was a very brief conversation in the hallway at school between the twenty-six year old man with whom I carpool  and myself. He was walking just behind me. As you’ll see, he really has a way with words:

“You look a lot different from behind,” he said.


“You look different from behind.  Less colorlessness.”

“Less colorlessness?” (Now I’m incredulous.)

“Well yeah.  Uh, I mean, you look younger from behind.”

Okay then.  Way to boost my confidence!  I so didn’t need that today. I immediately thought about tanning beds, contact lenses, hair dye and red lipstick.  Not exactly my style.  But maybe that’s my problem?

Wait, I take that back.  Who says I have a problem? I will not let his idiocy be my problem.  I think I will take a month off from carpooling, however.  And I may buy some new lipstick.  Yeah.  That’s it.


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