I am in a really stuck spot with my NanoNovel.  It’s making me crazy – I wrote a couple of thousand words today, but am no further ahead than I was when I began.  I might even be behind where I was.   I met a new NaNo friend today who is using a method called the “Snowflake” novel method.  (You can google it – I did.)  She loves it and says her work is going super smoothly and fast.  I may try it next year, but think it’s too late for this year.  Seems kind of formulaic, but who am I to complain since I’m not exactly zinging along?  The thing that stopped me today, besides the complexity of my story and how much do I really want to go into anyway? was when my new friend said she was working on last year’s novel, but is only counting the words she does this year in her word count.  Wow!  what a concept.  Like having your cake and eating it too.  So I began to consider that possibility…and got completely mired in my mind muck.

So I made dinner for one, played a little MahJong solitaire and worked on one of my presentations for NWP in 10 days.  Anything to avoid deciding what to do.  Now I’ve discovered that the water in the hot tub is actually hot for a change, and I’m going to go make the most of that.  Then I have my Initial Self Certification to do for AVID and several weeks of grading to do. Not to mention weeks of “Brothers and Sisters” episodes to catch up on.  And a walk that needs to be taken.  A sub to call…I could procrastinate for the rest of the month easily.  Then renew my good intentions again for next year.  What a flake.  I’d better try to get another thousand or so words in tonight.  Just cause.


One thought on “NaNoNutzo

  1. blkdrama says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I hear you and I’m wondering why I feel so casual, so far, about this challenge. I have 14,000 words so far. I’m probably a bit behind but not too much. I am working on a story line that feels very familiar. I am dipping into my own life experiences for my characters and my chapters move from one character to the other. I am not stopping to go back for anything.
    I am finding that the focus on word count gives me license to include more, not less words to build the count.
    I wonder what I’ll do with this piece when it’s down?
    I wonder if I’ll be able to end on time.
    Okay, back to it and then on to Hebrew, guitar, a wedding Ds I’m working on and then the SA workshops…
    ugh that’s a lot,

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