Going festive

Today Mayaoel suggested that we do a few things to make my house more festive this year.  I haven’t had a Christmas tree in her living memory, so it won’t take too much effort to be more festive.  (The key word is “more.”)  She’s okay with doing a secret Santa sort of thing to reduce how much junk we buy at Christmas time, (not that it will include her, because she’s a kid and kids don’t count in the limitation effort), but wants things to look a little more festive at my  house.  Her mom has already told her she is not interested in decorating the outside of their house. What Mayaoel would really like is about 20 strings of lights on my house and a reindeer in the front yard.  Maybe some music and a choo-choo-train running around the eaves.  Something like that.  I’m thinking an icicle border around my porch and a batch of caramels and sugar cookies.  We will arrive at a compromise.  She’s already decided where the little tree will go in my living room and has assured me that she is the perfect one to know how to put the lights on it and decorate it, because they have a big huge tree every year.  She says maybe I can even put a few ornaments on it.  She doesn’t know about the big box of ornaments that has been languishing in my closet ever since she was born and her mother insisted on a huge tree at her own house.

Yeah.  So this year I guess we’re going festive.  Woo Hoo!


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