Across the Universe


Today I watched “Across the Universe.”  I’d rented it from Netflix a while ago, and finally decided to watch it today while I wrapped the caramels I made last night.  I expected to enjoy it because I love Beatles music and everyone said it is so good.  I didn’t count on being so unsettled by it.  At first I just enjoyed the music and the unfolding story.  As it developed, it carried me back to the time of my youth when I believed in the victory of good over evil, peace over war.  When I believed that “all you need is love.”  This music was the sound track to my generation’s coming of age in a tumultuous world.

As the story developed, I was reminded of how quickly we formed deep friendships, how readily we adopted a cause, how firmly we believed in what was right and how steadfast we could be in our decision making.  It was a hectic time, when you could be whatever you could imagine, and yet nothing was quite reachable.  That is hard to explain…

The thing is, the stakes were really high, what we believed actually did matter, and we  did have an impact.  People today often kind of make fun of us, kidding around about the things we held dear.  And I guess that’s okay, because I know that if you didn’t live it, you can’t possibly get it. Sometimes I wonder how much got lost in translation, in our aging and raising children.  We have blended in, and you might miss us with our grey hair and less than youthful bodies. But we are still here, and we did make a difference.  We will always know that, even if other people don’t.  We changed the world.


4 thoughts on “Across the Universe

  1. dogtrax says:

    I always find it amazing and intriguing that music has such an emotional hold on us — it really has the ability to transport us into a different mindset, whether it is a memory or even the present, recast with sound.
    I had that movie on my mental list, too, and I am glad that you reminded me of it.
    Happy holidays, Lynn.

  2. lynnjake says:

    You’re so right, Kevin. I’ve long held that music touches us in places that nothing else can, and watching this movie reaffirmed that.
    Happy Holidays to you too, Kevin.

  3. blkdrama says:

    I agree. Hold your head up!!!! It was a tough time for me but I think it made me strong and yes, the” hippies” seem to be viewed as somehow silly these days.
    But I remember too and as much as I liked the movie, it didn’t represent my experience with the Beatles music or my 60’s. But that’s okay.
    I remember my first students were very jealous that they hadn’t lived through the Beatles as I had. LOVED THAT!
    Happy Holidays,

  4. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for your insight Bonnie. Although all of this movie didn’t coincide with my experience in the sixties, enough of it did that I was surprised. I hope you[re able to get out and about, and aren’t too stuffed with latkes!
    Happy Holidays to you.

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