Recriminations on the day after

Whew.  As much as I enjoy Christmas, I like the day after almost as much.  I like that I got through it, and I like that things are so messy I can’t procrastinate about cleaning up.  I have recriminations for myself in how I dealt with money in the last week or so; that is, when I finally give myself permission to spend some because it is CHRISTMAS, I lose control and spend way too much.  And every year I feel mildly icky for having done so, and I promise myself I’ll do better next year, and every year I do the same thing.  So, here I am, getting ready to clean up the big mess and promising myself that a.) I won’t let myself get out of spending control next year and/or b.) I will save a few dollars a month this year so I have some money earmarked for the annual overspending. Do banks still have “Christmas Clubs?”  Where you put aside a certain a mount each month and you can’t get at the money until a certain date?  Or did they go the route of lay-away, (which was actually resurrected this year)?

This year we drew names, and had only one person plus the little person for whom to buy or make gifts.  That was easier, but my person got more gifts than others and I felt embarrassed by my inability to control myself.  The little one got way more than was necessary even in her own wishes, which makes all of the gifts a little insignificant.  I’d think that by now I”d have this figured out, but I seem to bumble along the same as always.  Except now I don’t have nightmares about not having gifts for the in-laws like I used to.  Wait – is that because I no longer have in-laws?  Or would I be calmer about it anyway?

Guess I don’t have to know the answer to that.  Merry day-after and Happy week leading up to the New Year.  I plan to be ready for that.  Spic and span, no clutter anywhere, ready for art projects and lesson planning!  Oh yeah, and with a light glow of just having returned from the gym for the fourth time in a week.  Hot tub cleaned and ready for the rest of the winter.  Whatever else will make me feel calm and energetic lined up and done.  Merry and Happy to all.


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