Hmmm…on repurposing my blogs in 2009

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as these light streams?

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as these light streams?

Doesn’t that sound like a PC word?  “Repurposing.”  Why not just say finding another use for something?  Or clarifying one’s purpose?  Or repurposing.  Whatever.  I just noticed that on WordPress alone there are 5,100,784 blogs, with 94,503 new posts today.  OMG, that is so many blogs.  Who reads them all?  I feel lucky that even five or six people read mine, there are so many out there.  As  I click around and link to various blogs, I notice that many – maybe most – blogs have a stated purpose, or a theme if you will.  This made me wonder about my own.  Do mine have a purpose?  I have three, did you know that?  Yeah.  Heaven forbid I keep it all in one place.  Here’s the deal with my three blogs:

1.  Teaching in 2008: this one was started in 2007 when I went to TESOL with/for the ELL Leadership team of the National Writing Project.  I thought the WP people could experience it vicariously through a blog I wrote, and besides I wanted to start one and this gave me a purpose.  As I recall I got the idea from another WP person whose name I won’t write because I only remember his first name at the moment and it seems disrespectful.  Anyway, I did my blog and included photos and then let it rest for a few months, after the conference was over.  I then resurrected it to be about teaching when I returned to the classroom.  I thought it could be kind of a record of my inquiry stance to the new experience of teaching middle school.  And it has remained pretty true to that, although I think I could talk less about the overall school issues and focus more on my own classroom.  I can fine tune that in 2009.  So that one has a purpose.

2.  Thoughts and Images:  This is a photo blog.  The format is one column and it makes the photos really big, so I just write a little about a photo and that’s that.  I’m not too worked up about this one, but I love taking photos so occasionally I post one there.  No one – no one at all – reads this one.  No special reason, I’m just saying.  I don’t think it is that interesting so I don’t even tell people about it.  But it has a purpose.

3.  Reduction Physics: I love this blog. I still love the name of this one, even if I can’t explain it very well.  I began it last January as a way to create some accountability for myself.  I embarked on a project to lose some weight, get out of debt and kind of straighten things up in my life, and I thought that writing about it in a public place would keep me honest with myself.  And maybe I could generate some conversation along the way.  Sort of mutual support, if you will. I was nervous about revealing myself publicly, but I sucked it up and took the plunge. Well, that was all well and fine at first, except no one read it.  Ever.  Nor did they comment.  So much for accountability and conversation.

But I’m not easily daunted, and I like to write, so I started telling a select person or two, and I began to notice that occasionally someone would read it.  I felt pretty good about that, and after a while started using it more to just write about stuff I wanted to write about in hopefully appealing ways, and less about reducing the clutter and confusion (and weight and debt) like it was originally designed for.  Which I suppose is okay, except what is its purpose?  Seems like I have strayed from its having one, other than to share my occasionally clever writing with all six of you.

So, I’m going to rethink the purpose for this blog.  Maybe I’ll just rethink whether it even needs one.  I mean, no one is twisting your arm to read it, and I am glad you do, and appreciative.  Really.  So we’ll see where it goes in 2009, if I revisit its purpose or not, because I’m sure I won’t quit writing it.

Yeah, so that’s all I have to say about that.  Have a Happy New Year.  Do something meaningful, even if it is just drinking champagne with friends.  Be thankful that you have some!


4 thoughts on “Hmmm…on repurposing my blogs in 2009

  1. Kevin Hodgson says:

    I like reading you in this space but I also like re-examining the purpose of why we write and where we write. Thanks for taking me on your journey.
    And happy new year to you!

  2. blkdrama says:

    Ditto. I love it when I check my Google Reader and find a new post here. So keep on writing and I will do the same and photos, of course. Can’t do without them, my friend, virtual and in the flesh,

  3. stuckinmypedals says:

    Hey, Lynn,
    Have you read about the voluntary simplicity movement? Sometimes it’s also called simple living. It’s inspiring. Reading about it made me think about what I really need-not want-need. Not to say that I’ve pared down like they have, but now I think before buying, eating, doing, etc. Do I need this? Does my body need this? Does my mind need this? Sometimes the answer is no and I do it anyway, but I find myself giving a lot more thought to what I want in my life and I enjoy getting rid of the rest. Ok, I didn’t mean to write my own blog in your comments section! Have a great New Year’s!

  4. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Kevin and Bonnie. I so appreciate both of your support and your reading what I have to say.
    Alicia, it’s interesting you should mention the voluntary simplicity movement. For the past year I’ve been trying to eat and buy things locally, with varying degrees of success. Then just a couple of days ago I ran across a blog called “zenhabits.” ( which is all about this very thing. So I guess we’re thinking alike. Thanks for your input.

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