A new year has begun.


Ahhh.  Another new year has begun.  Another chance to get it right.  (I know, every day presents such a chance, but I’m just saying.  It’s a new year.)  The last year brought so many lessons, some of them harder than I expected.  In a way I think I went into hibernation this past year, just dealing with stuff.  But I also found a community of friends online and that’s been really fun.  After reading Sue Waters’ blog post about building a Personal Learning Network , I realize that this year I began to build one without knowing it. (Her post is here: http://suewaters.wikispaces.com/)  Now that I do know it, I intend to flesh it out with the parts that are missing.  So that’s one thing.

Another thing I want to do this year is guarantee myself more time offline.  I have to figure out how to balance time online with activity in real life.  If I don’t I might just become a lump in a chair, and that is way less than appealing. So the gym figures in here, somehow, but getting out and taking pictures is also part of it.  Last year I began taking more photos.  I used to take most of my photos when I traveled, barely any where I live.  Ever since Bonnie organized the Photofridays group on Flick’r I’ve been conscious of getting out and taking photos each week so I have something new to post.  My goal with photography has been to find the story in a shot, and I think that occasionally I have been successful in that area.  And I’ve been taking some great photos of my town. So that is something else I’m going to continue to play with this year because it is immensely delightful to me.

Then the other day I was thinking of the multiple levels of a person (me, of course): physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and I realize that in the past year or two I have neglected my spirituality.  Not completely, but more than is optimal.  Which has undoubtedly augmented the difficulty of the hard parts.  I have known about the Law of Attraction for a long time now, since I first went to hear Abraham about five or six years ago (way before The Secret), but have not been a very conscious creator in the past couple of years.  So, there’s that too.

This year I commit to no resolutions, just intentions.  It’s all about balance this year for me.  I wish you a joyful, balanced year.  With lots of love and laughter.


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