A Photo a Day

Keeps me interested and sane.  Well, I think it will.  I recently learned of a Flick’r group called 365/2009, in which participants agree to take a photo everyday of the year.  Evidently they will be posting them at that group site on Flick’r.  I love the idea of doing this, but not so much the daily posting.  I already post photos in another group on Fridays and really enjoy doing that, seeing everyone’s photos and commenting on them.  It’s kind of like the photos are blog posts and we all get commenting practice with them.  I will just post mine to a set on my own Flick’r page and probably skip the big group posting.

Anyway, I am excited about deciding what the photo of the day will be each day.  It’s like a different way of looking at the day.  Since this is only January 4, I can give you my examples so far without killing you with boredom.  Let’s see, here is January 1:

img_3486I took it at the annual Polar Bear Swim, which was so much fun to observe, that it was the focus of my day.  I took lots of photos of this event.

January 2 I hadn’t decided yet to do this photo a day thing, and didn’t take a single shot that day.  So I included this one which is typical even though it didn’t happen exactly on January 2:


The funny thing is, these Mackers are both playing games on the Webkinz site.  They look so involved.

On January 3 I went to the Farmer’s Market and decided that my friend Bobbi’s coffee cart would be my photo of the day.  I like this one a lot.  I think we should all walk around every day with red umbrellas over our heads.  The red does wonders for the complexion:


Today is a friend’s birthday.  Trea is 33 today and likes lots of celebration of her special day, so I decided she’d be the photo of the day.  We met for breakfast and I took this stunner:


She thought a sexy pose in front of her bowl of menudo was a good idea.  I won’t argue, I think she looks pretty cool.

Okay, I promise not to do this every week.  But I do want to say how excited I am about taking on this project.  It’s like mandatory careful looking at the day.  It will be fun to see what shape it takes over the next months.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for checking in.  Take care of yourself.

5 thoughts on “A Photo a Day

  1. dkzody says:

    What a great idea. I commend you for doing this.

    Your coffee cart photo is fabulous. You have made me realize that the dailiness of life can be depicted in an interesting way. Thanks.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Delaine. I love that phrase you used, “the dailiness of life.” That’s exactly what I have in mind but didn’t have words for.

  3. blkdrama says:

    Great idea Lynn,
    I’m going to post on my photo blog each day and create a Flickr set as well on my Flickr page and share it with Photo Fridays and maybe the larger group
    Your photos are great!

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