Seeing through different eyes.

img_3869This year I took on the challenge of taking a photo a day.  It sounded fun enough, no big deal, as I usually have my camera with me.  It is turning out to be such an interesting experiment already, after only 24 days.  First of all, there is the actually remembering to take a shot every day.  I read in the challenge a suggestion that you make sure to take a shot every morning, just so you’ll have something to fall back on if nothing fantastic comes up later in the day.  That is an excellent piece of advice.  At least three times I’ve gotten close to bedtime and had to punt.  One night I took a shot of my gas fire.  Boring.  My hand.  The neighbor’s Christmas lights when I was deathly ill (That one turned out fine.).  So there is that.

There are two other things that are happening that I’m so enjoying, however.  One is that I’m beginning to see things in a different way.  Through different eyes, if you will.`For example, yesterday I was walking through the Farmer’s Market with a friend and spotted the vignette above.  The strong vertical symetry of the sugar cane, with the leafy greens and round turnips and pumpkins behind.  And the red bucket.  As we were walking I casually said, “Oh, there’s a good shot.”  I snapped it and we kept on going with barely a pause in the conversation.  As she shopped for greens I shopped for photos.  Generally I don’t shop for food and shoot photos at the same time.  I have to do one thing and then the other, it seems.  My shopping bag gets too heavy and unwieldy to try to do both.  Not that I’d put the camera down and shop without it, but I’m just saying.

The other thing that is happening is that I’m interacting differently with people.  I’ll ask if they will be my photo of the day, and so far they always want to be.  They pose, laugh, seem to feel special.  Other times people teach me things about my camera or about taking photos and I’m learning to be a better photographer technically as well.  I learned a long time ago that to be a good photographer who gets the great shots of people one must be bold, which isn’t my strongest thing.  This photo challenge is helping me grow in that area.  I like it.  A lot!


6 thoughts on “Seeing through different eyes.

  1. dkzody says:

    >>one must be bold, which isn’t my strongest thing<<

    ok, here’s something different about us! I talk to everyone (used to make my daughter crazy, now she’s just like me) and never hesitate to ask someone a question. Years ago a fellow teacher said she most admired that about me. I never thought anything of it. Guess I thought everyone was like that. Glad you’re getting bolder.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Ha! Yes, well, I too, will talk to about anyone on most days (unless I’m feeling really withdrawn for some reason), but taking their picture is another thing entirely. I become shy about doing that. So, maybe this will be life changing on many levels!

  3. wz says:

    i’m doing a photo a day thing of my own this year…..called ‘wz waking up in 2009’…..taking a photo of my own self waking up every morning…..i even remembered to take the camera with me to a sleep over in the bay…..interesting results…..some pretty frightening first morning glimpses of ones face in those first blurry, puffy moments of dawn….

  4. lynnjake says:

    Wow Weezie, that is a brave project! I don’t much like to see photos of myself when I look my best. Heaven help me when I wake up! How did you find me?

  5. wz says:

    i think you posted this link on your facebook… i got curious…..
    yeah, not a fan of my own photos either…..i think that’s partly why i’m doing this project… least i don’t have to show them to anyone but myself…..’tis a braver thing by far to put a blog up on the internet for the whole wide world to see…..i shall enjoy following yours…..

  6. lynnjake says:

    Hah! You have a point! When I first started this blog it seemed like such an act of courage. Blatancy even. But then NO ONE read it. Ever, for a long time. So I got braver, and then started telling people about it (Oh yeah, that helps get readers!) and I began to lose my fear of sharing what I think. So, yeah. Now I love writing here and I love it when people read it and comment. No shy violet here, any more! So, thanks for reading and commenting!
    XO Lynn

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