25 Random Things About Me

There is a meme circulating through Facebook this week called 25 Random Things About Me.  The first time I was tagged, by Bonnie, I hesitated to do it.  So many revelations?  So public?  Tag 25 more people?  Yikes!  Then I was tagged again by Lani Lila.  I like and respect both taggers, so decided why not?  I of course wrote a bunch on each line and once I got to 25 could’ve kept going.  The hard part was tagging others.  First of all, that meant they would read what I wrote and then would they participate?  Would they then have way TMI about me? Would they think it was stupid or what?  Whatever – I got over it.  So here are my 25 Random things, cause I don’t want to lose track.  And cause I had fun writing it.  And ’cause it seems like it oughta be a blog post:

1. I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. My dad was a sheep dealer and my mom (then) was a bacteriologist for the city of Des Moines. She left that career after a short time, despite having the college degrees needed for it.

2. I’ve lived in Chico since 1980. I have no desire to ever live anywhere else.

3. I love to travel. I have visited Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Laos and Bangkok. And most of the states of the U.S. But I’ve never been to Hawaii!

4. I am a teacher. I taught high school for 15 years, and now teach middle school. Middle school has brought with it a steep learning curve, which has surprised me. I have worked for the Marysville school district since 1992. I student taught there the year before.

5. In 1992, when I was student teaching there was a shooting in my school. I was trapped in a classroom with 23 students for 7 hours. This event changed my life in some significant ways.

6. I spent a couple of years studying with the Avalon Institute, when they were in Chico. I learned spiritual tools there that still serve me today. I am thankful for having had that opportunity.

7. I have three grown children who were all born at home. At the time of the first two there were no midwives in our area, so I read books and trained a friend to deliver my babies. I had a midwife and a doctor present for the third birth. The doctor made tea.

8. I have three granddaughters, ages 9,7 and 6 months. The oldest spends a good amount of time with me, which blesses my life immensely.

9. I love to take photos. I used to take a lot of photos when I traveled, but last year I joined a Flick’r group called Photo Fridays, in which we post a photo or two every Friday. Since joining this group I have begun taking photos of Chico. Our town is amazingly photogenic!

10. I am bilingual (English/Spanish). Learning Spanish has enriched my life immensely.

11. I love to write. I have three blogs which I post to regularly, as well as 35 years worth of journals. I dream of writing a novel, and have started a couple of them. So far my continuative powers are a little weak, and they sit waiting for my return. I have published several articles in professional journals, however.

12. In the late sixties, after dropping out of college, I lived on a commune outside of Petaluma, CA. This was a spiritual place, and at times quite uncomfortable! After leaving there, I went to live in a much bigger communal situation in the East Bay with a rock and roll band.

13. I hitchhiked from the Bay Area of CA to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 1970 for a “Holy man Jam” held at the University of Colorado. I think I traveled with about $25! I guess I counted on the Universe to take care of me. And she did.

14. In 1971 I immigrated to Canada with my husband at the time. We lived there until I got pregnant with my first child, whereupon we hitchhiked from Montreal to Northern California to get ready for the baby’s birth.

15. I attended Chico State for years. Enough to earn two Bachelors degrees, a Master’s Degree and two credentials. I think I’m done now. Although if I could afford it I would go to the University of Iowa’s Writing Workshop and get another Master’s Degree. Maybe after I retire…

16. I’m allergic to cats. I like them, but can’t touch them or be in a house in which they live. A long time ago I learned that I seem to react most to Siamese cats. I wish this weren’t the case. I’d like to have a cat, I think.

17. I have been involved with the Northern California and National Writing Project since 1996. I love this involvement. I have had amazing opportunities and have met some great friends because of the Writing Project.

18. I am politically liberal. I think very liberal, but maybe I just really didn’t like George Bush (Or Arnold Schwartzeneggar). I think in many ways not political, I’m pretty conservative. Feels funny to say that.

19. I am a Mac user. I think this is like belonging to a political party. I felt betrayed when a friend gave up her Mac for a PC. I know this seems silly to a non Mac user, but think that most Mac users will understand what I mean.

20. I used to make quilts. I hand quilted them, rueing the day each was finally finished. I became a teacher partly because I wanted more time to quilt, but then teaching was so creatively satisfying that I never quilted again. I still have tons of fabric.

21. I live in the Barber neighborhood in Chico. I’m constantly thinking I am going to sell my house. I still think that, even though I like it quite a bit. I would love to design and build or remodel a house to fit an idea that is lodged firmly in my head. I think someday I will.

22. This summer I will be 60. I want to do something memorable, like walk the Camino in Spain, but I have to work all June and July. So maybe I’ll just go to the beach for a few days. Or have a party. Maybe both.

23. My mom lives in Northern Mexico and I visit her once a year. I hope to go over Spring break this year, having missed it in January. Because she lives there, I never go anywhere else in Mexico.

24. I want to make time to make more prayer beads. I have made a strand that I like quite a lot, and continue to collect beads for more. I like to make little altars around my house, and then I forget I made them.

25. I expected this random list of personal revelations to be quite uncomfortable for me to do and am surprised that it hasn’t been. It’s actually been pretty fun to think of what to write. (The hardest part is figuring out who to tag. For some reason I feel shy about that part.)

Tag, you’re it!


2 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me

  1. mrsfawhittaker says:

    I was also tagged a few times and did not want to do it. Then I couldn’t stop! Enjoyed reading yours. Your blog address “casimira” I have not heard that name in a long, long, time – I love it.

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