Saving or spending?

img_5863This weekend I was in San Diego, staying right across the street from Fashion Valley, a huge high end mall.  Because it’s easy to walk there, it is one of my tourist attractions when I go to San Diego.  I always visit the Apple store.  They always take time to talk to me at length about anything I want to talk about.  (Hah! makes me sound like a lonely old lady who goes around looking for someone who will talk to her.  Oh, maybe I am.  Not.)  Anyway, I tried out the new Macbook and was shocked by its lightning speed.  I am still quite happy with my older Powerbook, but had no idea a computer could be as fast as this Macbook.  The salesguy – they have some name for them, (not Genius – they are the ones that help you troubleshoot), maybe they call them “best friends,” cause that’s how they act.  Anyway he was telling me all about the specs of the computer and why I should get the best hard drive I can afford but don’t need more than the 2G of memory on and on.  No pressure, just smart logic is a big seller.  I could have just anteed up right then and there and walked out with one.

When I went back to my room, I did the math.  The work I’m doing this summer, the plans I have made for the money, which don’t – or haven’t – included a new computer all spun through my head.  It’s amazing to me how virtuous I am in my intention to pay off all my debt (which intention I am steadfast in maintaining), until I see something shiny like this new Mac.  The world of spending money opens like a giant chasm before me when I see something I really want.  It’s an interesting thing to observe.  And avoid. (Deep breath, calm down…)

As I walked through that mall, I could see that others are doing the same kind of self calming.  Several stores were closing and I noticed a couple of others are no longer there.  Even in San Diego, even in a mall with Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Tiffany, Prada and Kate Spade, people are keeping a tighter rein on their purse strings, it seems.  Guess it’s just the right thing to do.  For now.  It will be interesting to see if this continues into the future, once we get used to holding back the non-essential spending.  I am sure it will for me.  Enough stuff is enough.


3 thoughts on “Saving or spending?

  1. dkzody says:

    San Diego doesn’t sound like the Bay area. I was in the East Bay a few weekends back and the traffic was so thick we couldn’t move. The mall was packed and people were buying. A couple of weeks later I was in downtown SF and same thing, people were everywhere and they were buying. We had lunch at Out the Door, and by the time we left at 12:50, the line was out the door. I’m sure some people have cut back, but there is still plenty of spending going on.

    As for the Apple store, your experience amazes me. I have to make an appointment to get someone to help me at the Fresno store, they are that busy. I’m going to buy an iPhone in June, and I know not to go in there until I am ready to make the appointment. No one will be available to show me anything.

  2. lynnjake says:

    I don’t imagine people have stopped spending there any more or less than anywhere else. This is just what I observed. The Apple store was definitely less crowded than usual, with employees standing around talking to each other. There were plenty of people in there, but it wasn’t packed like it has been sometimes. And I did get a bff for a while without signing up!

  3. blkdrama says:

    Here’s my Apple update. Seems like our area of the world is very a-typical. It’s the only place on earth where, in a radius of 100 50 miles, I have 6 Apple stores at my service.
    It may be that I am a fixture at our Apple Store like the Today Show’s Lenny, but I have only had great experiences there, like you Lynn. When I did have a problem with one person and complained discreetly it was taken care of. If you do have to complain it’s appreciated.
    Lynn. bravo to your will power but when you do get a new one, get it with as much memory as is possible. The more, the better.
    And that’s all for now, Apple lovers unite!

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