Okay, I think I’m ready to come back…

IMG_0275I’ve allowed this blog to lie fallow for about a month now.  Maybe exactly a month.  I know that’s not the way to keep people reading it, but I was in a funk.  I needed some paper writing time, except I didn’t do much of that either.  My camera was broken and in the repair shop for a couple of weeks, I traveled three weekends in a row and it got really hot.  I guess all that just amplified the areas of unbalance that always lurk at the edges of things.  So now the camera is fixed, I’m home and it is lovely cool weather.  So I think I’m going to relocate that missing balance.  I bought my week’s vegetables at the farmer’s market today for the first time in a month.  And I took lots of photos there, too.  Tonight Mayaoel and I are going to the fair to take some moving light photos.  Makes me realize how critical it is to keep doing what makes you happy, filling in the corners of your being with the things that smooth out the rough spots.  Creativity, water, sleep, clean laundry.  It all matters, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Okay, I think I’m ready to come back…

  1. bonnie K says:

    Welcome back blogger!
    Glad you are back! Here’s a challenge? If you were touring the Chico-Sacramento-Lake Tahoe area where would you visit? How many days for Tahoe without any interest in gambling.

  2. dkzody says:

    Glad to see you back, writing and taking pictures. I have been so busy with school that writing has definitely taken a backseat to all the activities. Summer is coming.

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