The Beginning of Summer Lifesaving Experiment Plan.

It seems like I’m constantly trying to get myself to do things a little differently, to fit in all the things I need to do to really take care of myself.  The thing is, I am always the first to-do to go.  I let myself slide to take care of other people or to meet the obligations I’ve made for myself.  I just never quite get where I think I need to be to feel safe and healthy and at peace inside.  I write and write in my journal about what I’m going to do next, but somehow…yeah.  Then I feel a little disgusted with  myself, and I start the whole thing over again.

This morning I read a post on Susan Piver’s blog about her “Great Discipline Experiment.” Her list sounded like it could be mine, so I have decided to join her in a discipline experiment of my own.  I think I might call it something a little different, like the “Beginning of Summer Lifesaving Experiment.”  Hm, that sounds good.  Oh, and it is for a month.  Beginning now and ending on June 30.  That gives me a couple of getting into it days.  And I will not beat myself up if I don’t quite make it in every single category every day.  Seems like a month is doable for just about anything, however.   Here is my list of things that if I do them I will feel really great about myself:

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. (I’m thinking a really early morning walk.)

Meditate/run my energy for at least 15 minutes.  Every morning.

Make a green drink every morning. (I love green drinks, but get lazy some mornings.)

Eat locally.  At least all my produce.  Possibly to be expanded to 100 Mile Diet.

Find some vitamins and take them daily. (I hate taking vitamins.  They gag me.)

Post to each blog at least once a week.

Journal daily.

Drink at least my 32 oz. Kleen Kanteen of water every day.

Take a photo a day and post them.

Work for45 minutes a day on my monograph article revision.  Until it’s done.

Do Shiva Nata  three times a week.  To start with.

Here are the things that I will leave out for the month, and wish to leave out for good:

Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

White flour food.


Medicating headaches.

Watching too much TV.

Wasting time cruising around online.

Playing Mahjong Solitaire on my computer.

Playing Solitaire on my iPhone.

Reading in the daytime when I should be doing something else.

Not paying attention to my money.

Wow.  Can I do all this?  I have to make dates with myself to do what I want to do.  I can’t make dates to not do what I don’t want to do, but maybe the appointments will override the desire to do the other stuff.  Just writing about this makes me want to eat a bunch of Oreos.  I haven’t eaten those in ages, so I wonder why.  If this works out, I have another few things waiting in the wings to implement.

Okay, so here goes.  I’ll keep you posted!  I’ll appreciate your support in this venture in case you want to say anything!


One thought on “The Beginning of Summer Lifesaving Experiment Plan.

  1. blkdrama says:

    Don’t beat yourself up with too much all at once. Why not, start with five things on the to do list and add one more a week.
    Don’t make yourself crazy! Leave time to enjoy the summer!

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