Summer LIfesaving Experiment, Day 5

IMG_0284This image seems appropos for today.  It was a collaborative effort between my granddaughter and I as we tried to figure out a new iPhone app.  Turns out it’s so simple.  I have a tendency to make thing far more complicated than need be, and sometimes I just need to be reminded to slow down and be patient, with myself as well as with others.  To let go of my need to know everything, to control how things work out.  I have to remind myself that things will work out as they ought to no matter what I do.  I forget that sometimes.

This livesaving experiment is certainly revelatory to me.  I can quite easily forget I’m even doing it, except I don’t quite.  Old habits are hard to shake, is all I have to say.  I have heard it said that it takes three weeks to change a habit.  So do you think you can change a whole bunch of them in three weeks, or do they need three weeks each?  If so I’ll have ’em lined up past Halloween. Which is actually just fine.  Better that than not cleaning anything up.

I hope your life is clear and simple and that it makes you happy.  Seems like a good thing to strive for.


4 thoughts on “Summer LIfesaving Experiment, Day 5

  1. dkzody says:

    I think your picture is great. I suppose the black line at the bottom is a snake?, but I see an electric cord that has been pulled out, unplugged, as we all need to do sometimes. Unplug, and as the butterfly is doing, go out and play in the sunshine. Bet you didn’t know you were so metaphoric!

  2. blkdrama says:

    I was struck by your picture to begin this post. Loved the surprise as for changing habits, 3 weeks? I don’t know about that.
    Are you going to try?

  3. stuckinmypedals says:

    Yesterday I took my class on a field trip. To begin, there weren’t enough buses. Then when we finally arrived, everything was chaos. All of this was beyond my control. So while things got sorted out, I took my class across the Sundial Bridge for a snack by the river. It was so peaceful. We all had a few minutes to breathe and relax. Things worked out just fine even though I was not in control. Lesson learned.

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