Beginning of Summer Lifesaving Experiment Day 11?

IMG_6491Well, how many days into this am I?  It’s amazing how easily life’s variances can throw me off course.  Today a chunk of summer employment that I was counting on was cancelled.  It threw me for a couple of hours,even though really it is not a huge deal.  I still have a job and I will figure out how to get by without that piece of money.  Actually, there are a couple of work-related things that are messing with my mind lately, and in dealing with those things, I seem to forget about all the other things I mean to do.  My intentions waver and plummet, it seems.  I just completely forget myself.  I don’t even remember to drink water.  Hello? How hard is drinking some water every day?  But I forget about it.  I swear I’m making a little checklist tomorrow.  If I remember.

So, yeah.  Life throws us surprises but usually there is a gift in there somewhere.  If we can just open our eyes to see it.  So now my BSLE will last longer and receive a more consistent focus.  And that will be good.


One thought on “Beginning of Summer Lifesaving Experiment Day 11?

  1. blkdrama says:

    It’s nice to see how fast you can jump back from a bit of a roadblock thrown at you. BRAVO!
    I have water on my list too. Nice that you can slow down and get back to your own breathing…

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