BSLE Day 18: Focusing on the Experiment

Today I went to school and kind of cleaned up my classroom so I don’t have to go there again for a while.  For the past couple of days, since I typed up my list of to- and not-to-dos, I’ve been focusing more on this experiment.  It gets to be evening and I go, “Oh, just go take a walk.  Then you can check that off.” or “Finish drinking your bottle of water.  You know you need to.”

I’m coming around, I think.  There remain a few things that I haven’t gotten started yet, but I have faith that I will.  Next on my list is the Shiva Nata practice.  I think I’ll get that going tonight.  Check.


2 thoughts on “BSLE Day 18: Focusing on the Experiment

  1. dkzody says:

    I’m not going back to school until next week. I need some time away from the place. The longer I teach, the more time I need to be away. I didn’t understand that when I started teaching and would see veteran teachers leaving for the whole summer. Now I do. It takes longer to recharge the batteries. But, I will be back next week, cleaning off hard drives and reloading the yearbook software for next year.

  2. lynnjake says:

    I agree, it does take time to recharge. I know I’m getting there when I start thinking of school projects without being pressured to do so!

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