Hot, hot, hot!! Fried egg on the sidewalk hot!

Well, you got it.  It is summer in Chico and in a big way.  104 degrees today, and not supposed to drop below 100 until Tuesday.  That means rocky sleep for me for a couple of nights!  When it gets hot I go to the movies.  YEAH!! Today I went to see “The Proposal,” Sandra Bullock’s latest comedy.

proposalThis movie made me laugh which counts for high points in my book!  I think her costar is  in a somewhat different age group from her, but it didn’t matter.  It was pretty believable.  The characters were developed well enough and the costars were great.  Betty White and Mary Steenbergen played the guy’s mom and grandma and were delightful.  The dad was that actor whose name I don’t remember who was in Officer and a Gentleman with Debra Winger about twenty years ago.  I’m missing the details, but you can go to a website for those.  Bottom line,  I loved it.  It was a perfect hot afternoon matinee movie.

I think I need a bigger air conditioner.  I say that every summer, and it is still true.  Every year I think I’ll sell my house and get one with AC and every year I don’t manage to do it in time so I spend another year here in the hot house.  Oh well.  I can always go to a matinee!  Enjoy your summer day.  Keep cool!


6 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot!! Fried egg on the sidewalk hot!

  1. blkdrama says:

    I wanted to get what you got out of this summer love flick but no, I loved the NYC minutes but off in Alaska snooze time.
    I think you mean Craig T. Nelson. Love him!

  2. lynnjake says:

    Funny, I loved the Alaska part! I will confess that I’m pretty easily pleased, especially when Sandra Bullock is in it. I’m totally in movie mode these days!

  3. lynnjake says:

    Are those Netflix movies? They aren’t at the theater here. Have you seen Easy Virtue or The Brothers Bloom? Those are at the little neighborhood theater.

  4. blkdrama says:

    I don’t know about Departures, but Cheri is in the movies right now. As for the ones you mention they are still in the theaters. On my list.
    I want to see Away We Go…Maybe today! First I am hosting a luncheon for important women of Rockland in my life.

  5. dkzody says:

    Our heat was less oppressive today, only 102, and it is supposed to go even lower. Wow. I do all my errands in the morning and then come home and sit all afternoon. Not conducive to accomplishing many tasks.

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