I’ve always loved these cement benches in downtown Sacramento.  I never thought of how many ways you could read the word “heart.”  It pleases me every time I see it.  Tomorrow the AVID Summer Institute begins.  This is my fourth year of leading the High School Administrator strand.  I’m a little uneasy because my co-presenter is unable to attend and I don’t yet know who I will be working with.  That’s right, I did say that it starts tomorrow.  I always like some time to arrange things with the other person before this event begins.

I have another issue.  I don’t think I have enough clothes with me to make it five more days.  I’ve already been gone for five days, to a wonderful event in Lake Tahoe  (More about that in another post.) and I’ve kind of depleted my store of good clothes.  I went shopping at Macy’s today and bought a dress and sweater, good for the first days of school as well.  They were having this wierd sale, in which they took off $10 for every $50 I spent.  Great, I thought.  The only catch is that I can’t pick the items up until Wednesday, when the sale officially begins.  I went for it.  I can make it until Wednesday.  Definitely.

My biggest issue is that I’m bone tired and I’m about to begin a very high energy, high pressure week of work.  I went out tonight and had a fresh Chinese chicken salad at the Asian diner, small stuff compared to all I’ve been eating in Tahoe for the past week.  I feel like a stuffed turkey, ready to truss and roast.  Unfortunately, I kind of look like one too.  (Possibly more about that in another post, if I can bring myself to talk about it.)

And on that note I guess I’ll go upstairs and do some laundry in the bathtub.  Enjoy your day.

UPDATE:  It’s over and I’m home.  I worked with an awesome guy who was super dynamic as a presenter.  I sort of felt like I ran along behind him, which wasn’t exactly a great feeling, but is actually inconsequential.  We received good evaluations and it’s done.  Now I have a week off  before I go do it again in San Diego.  This time I’ll be more prepared and less tired going into it than I was in Sac.  Bring it on!



  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    I love the photo of the bench. Glad to hear Tahoe went well. I know what you mean about feeling like a stuffed turkey. It feels like all we do in AZ is write and eat.

  2. bonnie K says:

    Thanks for that update. I was wondering how it went and GLAD it was great! I love the details of your life, Lynn. Will you be going to Philly in November?
    One more week of our SI. It’s been great and very centering.

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