My Favorite Apps

Oh yes, I have an iPhone and I looove it.  Really, this is the most useful piece of technology I can think of.  It’s in close competition with my new MacBook Pro.  Sometimes I forget how useful it is, and I just play solitaire on it a lot, but then I need something and I remember to go look to see if “there’s an app for that.”  And usually there is.   So today I thought I’d share some of my faves here.  I do like to share them, and writing about them will allow me to further postpone the flurry of housecleaning that was underway until I took this break.  (Hence, if you think this is the most boring topic you can imagine, just come back in a few days and it’ll be something else.)

So without further adieu, here is my short list of some apps I especially like, sort of arranged in categories:

Photography: Camera Genius (zoom lens, the whole screen is the shoot button.) Color Splash (you take a color photo, make it black and white, then recolor only certain parts.) Photogene (Broad range of photo editing devices.) PhotoShare (This one beams a photo to another iPhone.) Klick (direct access to Flickr.) and of course, Flickr.

Budgeting: iXpenseit (This is so cool for watching how you spend money.  It’s my current best one.)

Productivity: Like I’m productive?  If I was productive I wouldn’t be doing this right now.  But, I do have one called Things.  It’s sort of a simple way of keeping track of projects and to-dos.  I always forget to use it – go figure – but it looked so good when I got it.  I think I am just challenged in this department.  I”ll probably start really using it any day now.

Weight Maintenance: Lose It!  This enables you to keep track of what you eat, and set a calories budget for the day as well as weight loss goals.  It also lets you look up the calories in the food you eat.  I’m better at inputting my money than my food, but this one has super potential.  (If you’re not me.)  Gym ABC is one that helps you set up a training program, right on your phone.  I will definitely be using both of these a lot.  Pretty soon.

Books and Music:  Shazam (Identifies music playing so you can find and buy it if you want.  It’s a little temperamental, but works well if you aren’t too far from the music.) Pandora (This one is sooo cool.  You just input an artist and it goes and finds a radio station that plays that music or other music like it.  And then your phone acts like a radio.)

Other:  Sunrise (this one tells at what time the sun will rise and set wherever you are.  Or you can input another location I think.  I like this cause I like to get to the river on time for the sunset, or a little early.  This helps me plan.)  App Gems (This one lists MacWorld’s current favorite apps.)  Solebon Solitaire. (A whole bunch of solitaire games.  Addicting.) Koi Pond (Novelty, it is what it says.  You touch the screen and water splashes quietly, the koi swim away.  I know, over the top.  I didn’t buy it but I do like it!)

Which brings me to the cost part.  They weren’t all free, and a couple actually cost $5.00.  But I’ve only done that twice.  The rest were $2.00 or less and most were free.  So, what are your favorite apps?


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Apps

  1. dkzody says:

    I have a few apps but nothing I use on a regular basis. I really like the notepad that came on the phone. I use it all the time to take notes when I’m out or when I want to go shopping for groceries.

    I like Yelp.

  2. wz says:

    “scrabble”, not free but i’ve gotten my money’s worth…..”night camera”….amazing how it brings in enough light without a flash……”scribble”….just a little doodle program, with a palette of colors and choice of ‘brush’ widths… can save them to your photo album and email colorful notes to your friends and family….also great way to entertain bored kids…

  3. dkzody says:

    The Flickr app is fun because it shows me a slide show of my contact’s pictures. Helps kill time while I’m waiting somewhere.

  4. rickyhansra says:

    I love this blog entry! It’s one of my favorites…don’t be shocked if I do something similar…just joking. As you already know, Emoji is a great little application. Also, I like the Men’s Health Training App…it has many great exercises for losing weight, building muscle, cardio, etc. There is also a new art app called Louvre Museum and every day it gives you a new piece of art at the Louvre and tells you about it. I also enjoy Yelp and Yoga Training.

  5. DevlinInTheDetails says:

    You make me want to get an Iphone…and I just got a Blackberry. I didn’t have a lot of say in the type of phone I got – and I’m perfectly happy with it, until I read about yours. I guess I have a touch of “phone envy”.

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