Week in a Sentence from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone,

It’s my turn to host the Week in a Sentence extravaganza, and I’m excited to be doing so from Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.  I’m attending the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting here, attending some great presentations and meeting up with so many special friends from all over the country.  Given all this, I’d like to suggest that you include the word “Love” in your sentence somehow this week.  Just add your sentence as a comment to my blog and I’ll collect them until Sunday afternoon, when I will release them.  I look forward to reading your sentences this week!

Here is mine:

I’m loving being here in Philadelphia, sharing friendship, ideas and laughter with so many good friends from all over the United States.


22 thoughts on “Week in a Sentence from Philadelphia

  1. sara says:

    Tonight, I love listening to my daughters (ages 7 and 5) fight with each other about who is going to read to mama (me) first.

  2. connie weber says:

    I simply LOVE being immersed in discussions about the latest research on neuroscience; here in Cambridge at the Learning and the Brain Conference, I am trying to upload the memory boards in my own personal brain, and got a list of what to increase: reflective time (!), exercise, and, of course, some F2F personal time with friends.

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