Week in a Sentence Release, with love.

I’m finally home from Philadelphia.  What a great week – from sessions at the NWP meeting, to Independence Hall, a fun Writing marathon and Philly Cheese Steaks, it was really edifying and so much fun.  The trip home was grueling, but we arrived with  vouchers for round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S., and my own bed was waiting at the end of it all, so I have no complaints!  Here are the sentences for last week, with all the love they carry, along with links to their blogs.  This is a good chance to curl up and read some really interesting blogs!  The sentences don’t need any commentary from me as they all speak from the heart:

Ken Allan:

If by this muse love’s music rings untrue
Let this then be the last I ring for you.


Tracy Rosen:

I love my students and who I can be when I am with them.


Connie Weber:

I simply LOVE being immersed in discussions about the latest research on neuroscience; here in Cambridge at the Learning and the Brain Conference, I am trying to upload the memory boards in my own personal brain, and got a list of what to increase: reflective time (!), exercise, and, of course, some F2F personal time with friends.


I love sunny Saturday afternoons in my hammock.



Two weeks until graduate school is over and done with and I can begin blogging again.


sarah p-c:

knowing that no matter how crazy life gets, it’ll all get done – i love that.


Kevin, as always has set a new bar with his sentence! (The bar is high for me, indeed, as I hope I can figure out how to embed this long code!)  He says: (In the vein of loving exploration, I created a Prezi of my sentence. I just learned how to use it yesterday. — Kevin)

It is called Day in a Sentence: Love.  It is lovely.  After attempting it in at least six different ways, however, I seem to be completely inept at embedding this prezi, so here is the link to it:



Alicia, at stuckinmypedals:

I found love in the sky yesterday as my plane flew out in a pink Redding sunrise and arrived in the red of a Philadelphia sunset.



Tonight, I love listening to my daughters (ages 7 and 5) fight with each other about who is going to read to mama (me) first.


I love the unseasonably warm weather this week here in Michgian.


Gail P:

I will LOVE seeing November finally come to a close so the report cards and long term sub plans are finished at last!


Bonnie Kaplan (of blkdrama) and I worked on our NaNoWriMo novels together in Philly:

I LOVE spending time in the city of LOVE writing with YOU!


Elona Hartjes: Congratlations to you!

Yesterday was our 42nd wedding anniversary-that’s a lot of love. :)


Anne Mirtschin:

I love meeting my online friends and have met many of them including Clay Burell ex Korea, whilst attending the two day Learning Technologies conference in Queensland.


Mary in Missouri:

I love the photo opportunity the three inches of feather-like snowflakes provided this week.


Cheryl Oakes:

I love when my students say, “Mrs. Oakes, we love our NING site!”


Paul Bogush:

I love starting class off with a story.


Delaine (dkzody):

While continuing to teach my classes, I am packing boxes for our San Francisco apartment.



Even though I LOVE my daughter, I do not LOVE the early advent of the Terrible Twos. *sigh*


Janice Robertson:

Although I love giving children deep, rich questions to solve in math class, I do NOT love the amount of time one question consumes nor how far behind I get week after week.


And I’ll end with my own sentence:

I’m loving being here in Philadelphia, sharing friendship, ideas and laughter with so many good friends from all over the United States.  And I’m also loving being back home again, getting ready for Thanksgiving with my family.

Thanks everyone for participating!


5 thoughts on “Week in a Sentence Release, with love.

  1. kabod1 says:

    Thanks for organizing all of this, Lynn.

    I guess I’ll add my (Thanksgiving) Day in a Sentence:

    I feel blessed by the Arts today and everyday. I wrote a lengthy poem about it on my blog at http://kabod1.edublogs.org

    I do realize that I didn’t include “poetry” as one of the Arts; it because poetry is as much a part of my life as breathing.

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