The things I love: a list

Yesterday my friend Alicia made a list ot the things she loves on her blog, and asked that readers do the same in the comments section of the post.  I did that, but liked the idea so much I just had to make a post like hers on my blog.  (Except of course it’ll just be the same idea, not the same things.  I mean, I haven’t even met her husband!)  So here goes:

1.  I love a good sunrise or sunset.  A good skyscape, no matter what time of day.  I am inspired by the sky for some reason.

2.  I love my children.  Each is so different and each so earnest in living their life in the best way they know.  When life knocks them down they get up and keep on trying.  I am inspired by their indefatigability. (I think that is a word.)

3.  I love taking pictures.  As I walk through this life, I love it when I suddenly see something that needs to be photographed.  I don’t really do anything much with the photos, but am compelled to take them.  I love that taking photos changes how I see everything.  How it slows me down and how it brings me joy when I know I’ve gotten a good shot.

4.  I love to write.  On my blogs, in a journal, alone or in a group.  I am struggling through a novel and I wonder if I’ll ever finish it.  I also love writing about my work when I think I’m onto something that may be of use to a colleague.

5.  I love collaborating with colleagues in my work.  I like to be part of something that is bigger than myself to learn new things and be able to offer new things to my students.

6.  I love being a teacher, especially when I feel I’ve made real contact with my students.

7.  I love my house, even if it isn’t probably the best for me in the long run.  Even if I feel like I need to sell it, I love the safety it provides for me.  It feels cozy and homey and I like that.

8.  I love my tech gadgets.  My Macbook Pro and my iPhone.  Sometimes I love them too much.

9.  I love the friends I have been fortunate enough to make and keep, some for many years.  I love that I have reconnected with some dear friends from a long time ago via the magic of Facebook.

10.  As much as I love spending time with friends, I love my solitude.  I can think and putter around by myself all day.  Not much longer than that, though.

11.  I love to spend time at the Sacramento River.  I go out there in the late afternoon just before the sun sets and walk along the bank, taking photos of the sky and the water.

12.  I love color.  Bright rich vibrant color.  It fills me up inside.

13.  I love music.  Only deep crying can touch the places that music can reach.  It is a balm to my heart.

Okay.  This is enough for now.  Paz.


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