Say what?

One Saturday morning as you’re driving home from the Farmer’s Market you notice a yard sale in front of a neighbor’s house. The house is for sale, and you don’t know the person who lives there. However you notice another neighbor who you do know standing out front chatting and looking over the goods for sale. You wave and turn into your driveway. As you unload and carry your produce into the house, the neighbor you don’t know comes walking over, waving and calling you by name. You wonder if she is actually someone else that you do know, because the neighbor has no reason to know your name.

As the she walks closer, you realize that you do not, in fact, know her. She smiles and says brightly, “Recently I lost a large amount of weight. I have a lot of clothes in sizes 22 to 14 that I’m getting rid of.” Your smile falters, as shock begins to dawn. After looking you up and down, she continues, “You’re lovely. You’re not very big at all. Well, come on over when I get them all out. I definitely have clothes that would fit you, and they’ll be CHEAP!” With that she walks away, leaving you standing there unable to formulate any response at all.

While you think it is kind of funny, you also are aghast at what just happened. How did she know enough about you and your body size to come running over and say that when you were barely out of your car? You did not know her, had in fact never seen her before. (Unless she’s that lady who drives the red Monte Carlo SS, and if it is her she did indeed lose a lot of weight and her face sagged significantly in the process.) You mull it over for a while, and suddenly, in a moment of clarity it occurs to you that the neighbor you know, the one you consider a friend, must have commented that those clothes would fit you and had sent her over. Mortification sets in and once again you consider the need for a major paradigm shift.


2 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. dkzody says:

    Lynn, I’m sure, having taught teenagers, that you have heard all kinds of things. Just consider this gal a teenager in an adult body! My students are always making comments about my clothes, my hair, my shoes.

  2. stuckinmypedals says:

    Oh, Lynn. I can so picture this. Isn’t it just impossible when people who are trying to be nice botch it up so badly? I’m sorry you found yourself in that situation. I hope you went in and munched on your market finds while your neighbor nibbled on the foot in her mouth.

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