Oh, to hide behind a buddist temple!

This little brick house is tucked away between a saloon and former brothel and the Bok Kai temple in downtown Marysville.  It is so charming and peaceful looking.  I don’t even know if anyone lives there.  Do Buddhist monks have a parsonage?  I will do some research about this – I feel pretty ignorant.

Today one of my professional beliefs was challenged by “the system.”  Actually by the person in charge, so I have absolutely no say about it.  It has left me feeling so impotent.  I have studied and worked in the education field, particularly working with English Learners for many years, and I have strong feelings about how we teach them.

Oh, I don’t know how to even talk about this.  I schedule the English Learners, and today I found out that the lowest level Special Education students are to be placed with the beginning ELD students, if indeed the SPED students are also EL.  This goes against everything I know and believe, and I have absolutely no vote in the situation.  I’m told that Special Day Classes are being phased out.  They are passé.  Last century.  That could be, I’m not any kind of an expert on Special Ed.  My issue is that the needs of a beginning English Learner are different than those of a Special Ed student.  In my experience the needs of the Special Ed student overshadow those of the English Learner, and the EL student tends to shut down.

I wish I could find some research about this.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.  Not from what I’ve seen in the classroom.  I hate to think I’m completely off base, but there are many things that I question about education these days.  At times I despair, really, wondering how much more I can stand.  This is one of those situations where your education and experience have led you to feel strongly that you know what you mean, and those on the outside are telling you your reality is false. It is crazy-making.  A little toxic, even.  Oh, on and on I go.

The little brick house between two extremes looks pretty good to me today.


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