Summertime, and the living is easy?

Sutter Buttes from beyond the seven gates.

Finally school is out, science camp for teachers is over and I’m wondering how to start the rest of my life.  It starts new every day, but I usually am too numb to notice.  Recently I’ve been thinking that I have an opportunity to consciously start again, make a few changes that will make for a happier, more contented future.  A month or two from now.  I even made a list, and titled it, “Things that will make me happy.”  I think I meant “calmer, more fulfilled, less frustrated, less numb, less fat.”  Here is my list, but not in list form because that takes up too much space.

A clean house, a cool house, a yard that is loved.  With flowers. And friends.

Clean fresh food, a clean slate with paperwork, writing morning pages.

A place to sew.

Fitting into size 14, a strong and centered body, a chair on my balcony.

A freshly painted porch, my car all fixed and seeing my mom.  Going to the beach with her.

Schoolwork finished, my classroom cleaned and a space to create for next year.

I ask, where will I travel?  To San Carlos, to Austin and to Sacramento.

I ask, when will I work and then I unask that one because I don’t want to know.

I ask what will I read? Susan Piver, Sarah Susanka, Denise Linn, Mehmet Oz and some fiction.  Possibly something trashy.  With gratuitous sex in it.

What will I make? Prayer beads, a patio, a tiny vegetable plot and a place to hang my hammock.

What will I eat?  Lots of salads, vegetables and watermelon.  And a little some chocolate.

How will I move?  By walking, dancing, and doing things at the gym, like yoga and lifting some weights.  Maybe I’ll try a Zumba class before I return to school in August.  Maybe I’ll swim.

I will take photos of things, and probably sing a little or sometimes a lot.  For me singing clears out cobwebs as effectively as crying, only it’s not as messy.  So yeah, I’ll probably sing. Here goes…


3 thoughts on “Summertime, and the living is easy?

  1. Bonnie K says:

    Welcome to a brand new fresh summer just for you to enjoy. It’s all yours and I can’t wait to share a piece omit with you

  2. dkzody says:

    Pictures, pictures, take lots of pictures. That makes you so happy. Did you buy a new house? I seem to remember you saying you were in the process…

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