Summer lists

This isn’t exactly a list, not in a written, do-this-thing- and -then -this-thing kind of way.  It’s a visual list, something I’d thought about doing for a while.  A visual discovery list.

I just reread some entries I wrote in this blog a year ago, and was disappointed by how much things stay the same.  I always think if I can make a really good list and keep track of it somehow, I will be able to change all those things I want to change.  Things that if they were different everything would be just right.  Except perusing old journals and now old blog posts reveals that just making a list is not much of an indication that anything will really change.

Hm.  So now what?  I was pretty fixed on making a really good one this time, with check boxes and all.  I have to think it over for a while…


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