My Very Personal Ad

A couple of days ago, on Sunday, I read Havi’s weekly Very Personal Ad blog post, and was intrigued by it.  Havi’s VPAs have three parts: 1.  “Here’s what I want.”  2.  “Here’s how it could work” and 3.  “My committment.”  The orderliness and specificity of it, yet the leaving it open to interpretation seems like a good way to let the Universe know what you are wanting help with.

I decided to try making one myself.  At first I tried to think of something really all-encompassing that I wanted.  Something like, oh, having the fortitude to clean and organize all my closets so that I’d feel free of the burden of too much stuff.    Or maybe something more altruistic like finishing my novel or the article that is way past its deadline.  But I know choosing those things would be likely to lead to just one more list of to-dos.  With check-boxes even.

I decided to try another tactic.  Being here, now.  I closed my eyes and just experienced being me for a minute, and noticed that I felt almost painfully bloated.  This is a common condition for me since beginning menopause, and I haven’t really figured it out yet.  So here is my VPA:

Here’s what I want:
My stomach to not feel so bloated all the time. I’m so tired of feeling this way.

Here’s how it might happen:
I might eat more yogurt and vegetables and drink a lot more water.
I might remember to walk every day all week. I could combine taking photos as I go and feel the rush of happiness that I feel when I’m doing something creative.
I could do Shiva Nata and shake up my mindset and probably my spiritset.
I could go to bed earlier so that maybe I sleep all night and wake up fresh and early.

My commitment:
To write my morning pages every day this week.
To run my energy for 15 minutes each morning. To stay focused on this thing I want.
To at least do the water drinking. And yogurt eating.
To do Shiva Nata on Monday and Thursday.
And take some photos.

Notice that the things to do don’t necessarily tie directly with bloatedness?  Not in a physical way, anyway.  I noticed that and just went with it anyway.  So, it is Tuesday and how’s it going?  I got out my Shiva Nata materials yesterday and spent some time with them.  No actual doing of it yet, but today for sure.  I have been walking and drinking water and did the energy running yesterday, along with some writing.  And on Sunday evening I took some of the most incredible photos yet while I walked by the river.  So I’d say I’m definitely enroute.  The bloating is still with me, but I’m patient.  I’m giving it time. So far I like this help in holding my focus. We’ll see where this goes.  Maybe I’ll begin doing VPAs every week as well.


5 thoughts on “My Very Personal Ad

  1. dkzody says:

    Lynn, I know you didn’t write this to elicit suggestions, but since I have had some of these feelings, and are probably a bit ahead of you on the menopause thing, I would like to suggest soy products to help feel better. I think I did really well with menopause because of all the soy I ate.

  2. dkzody says:

    Also, I think you are very brave putting that M word out there in your blog. I try to ignore the whole thing and never talk about my experiences. I feel so fortunate that I had a pretty easy time with the process. No drugs, no hormone therapy, no insanity (or no more than usual). I do think that menopause is what got me started thinking about changing my life, though.

  3. lynnjake says:

    Hah! I know what you mean, Delaine. I mean who talks about THAT??! I’ve had an easy time too, except for the bloating and an occasional hot flash at night. I think that I secretly believed it would never happen to me, that I would somehow be immune to aging, but no. It’s just one more stage of life, and is actually freeing in some ways. I can see why you would think about life changes. I think it has me doing the same, although I don’t think I’ll be doing anything radical for a while yet!

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