A different point of view?

I usually stand in a different place when I photograph the river.  I’m closer to the bank, having walked along a path to get to the big open spot.  From there I have a wide, clear vista of the river with the sun setting behind it.  My car is nowhere close either, unlike in this spot.  But today I chose a different spot because I realize that I need to look differently at other things right now too.

This morning I got up and decided that rather than go out to coffee, as is my normal Sunday morning inclination, I’d go to the gym.  I have had a gym membership for a while now, and seldom actually go.  Honestly, it feels a little like a lost cause.  Even if I could manage to lose the weight I need to and crave losing, the firm young body is not  on my horizon.  (Especially the young part.)  So I don’t go because, why bother?  Nevertheless, I dragged myself and my book and my quart of water out to the treadmill, to be followed by a weight routine that I have somehow established and managed to remember how to do.

Maybe it’s because I’m reading The Alchemist (for at least the tenth time, and in Spanish) I felt some altruism grow as I tromped along, reading.  I was reminded by Coelho that “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”  Suddenly I thought, “I just want to be strong.  I want to be able to crouch down and take a photograph from a different angle.  I want to get out of the car with a spring in my step rather than feeling like collapsing.  It isn’t really about having a cute figure, it’s just about being strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

I finished my half hour on the treadmill and moved to the weight machines.  I increased the weight of each one today, and as I strained to fully extend my arms and legs I repeated the mantra, “Strong.  I just want to be strong.  I can do strong.”  And I believe it, I do.  I believe that as my physical strength and flexibility grows, so will I grow strong and flexible in other areas of my being.  So there it is.  Happy Independence day!


4 thoughts on “A different point of view?

  1. Bonnie K says:

    Interesting. First, great photo, second, great post writing, third, do you think I would like the Alchemist? 4th. I get your gym relationship. I’m with you, hooked at the moment before the SI begins on TUesday and I have to bow out until August. I’ve been good, really good and I can see and feel a change and I’m happier. So my advice, stick with it. Soon you will be feeling the power.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, and thanks for the encouragement, Bonnie. I love The Alchemist. It is probably my favorite book. It’s not a typical novel, however. I don’t know whether to say you’d like it or not, but I bet you would.

    See you soon!

  3. dkzody says:

    Gym membership? No. I do a series of exercises, twice a day, to strengthen my back and neck. They are working and I feel so much better for doing these. I love to walk and so when in SF, walk daily through the streets. As you said, it’s to keep me vital, and healthy, and strong. I will never be svelte, but I am okay with that. Health and vitality are my goals.

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