My new favorite spot

Look here, at my new favorite spot.  It is the balcony outside my bedroom. There is the chair I hauled up over the railing with a long extension cord because I couldn’t find a rope.  That upside down flowerpot is my footrest, and the railing is where I set my cold drink.  If I think to bring one up here, that is.  I can hear the music playing on my new iPod speakers that are inside on top of my dresser.  The wi-fi works here, too, so occasionally, like right now, I bring my computer out to write.

Here I can think.  I read, write, meditate and think here.  At night I light the little candles that are lined up on the railing.  They create a sense of being inside a room, because I can’t see anything outside of their surround.  Mostly, though, I sit out here in the dark just before I go to sleep and look at the stars.  Straight ahead is the Big Dipper.  Orion, when he is available, is just over my left shoulder.

Here I am part of my neighborhood, yet apart from it.  I look down on the flowers that have planted themselves alongside my fence.  There is a huge oak that provides shade to the back part of the yard, and behind me the canopy of another magnificent tree.  I can hear the train go by a few blocks away, the cars that pass my house, the neighbors talking.  I’m in it yet I’m apart.

This is my new favorite spot.  Here is a good place to remember that I’m doing some things differently now.  Because if I don’t plan to remember, I might forget.


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