The philosophy of a Dove

Yesterday – well, yesterday and today – I fell victim to a bag of Dove dark chocolates with almonds.  I meant to only eat one or two, but they were so rich, and each contained a little message.  The wisdom contained in each bite led me to the next one, and the next one after it…they all seemed so profound, I decided to present them as a philosophy of life.  I’m sure something is missing, but never mind that.  Here it is, a philosophy of life a la Dove:

1.  Give generously and your heart will always be full.

2.  It is possible, believe it!

3.  Crying heals your soul, faith inspires it.

4.  Be still, breathe, know – you are fine.

5.  Authenticity in everything.

6.  Lose yourself in a great read.

7.  In life’s winter, find your invincible summer.

8.  Volunteering can change your life.

9.  Girlfriends prefer you listen, not give advice.

10.  Find creative solutions and celebrate life.

11.  Sweeten your enemies with kindness.

12.  Simplicity is the essence of elegance.

13.  Saying “I love you” never gets old.

14.  Obstacles are not unbreakable.

15.  Live like you are wearing your skinny jeans.

16.  Never let others’ opinions change the way you feel about yourself.

And finally,

How sweet life is!!  Have a great day!


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