This makes my heart sing.

Today I was led to the website of the artist, Christina Oiticica by a very sweet and loving story on the Facebook page of her husband, Paolo Coelho. I skipped on to her website where I followed the stages of her paintings.  (Yes, I was surfing around for some time this morning.)

Just as I was about to leave her site and go do something I found this painting, and decided to use it for the wallpaper on my laptop.  There is something about the colors and balance and composition of it, the writing and the rough yet subtle precision of it that absolutely lifts my spirit.  I think it is about the light.  She uses light in such a tender way.  Every time I open my computer I get a little zing of pleasure.

Looking at it sent me right to the painting class schedule at our local art center.  I have decided that I need to take a painting class.  That is probably a bigger surprise to me than it is to you.  But there it is.  Quilting is one way to wallow in color, and I will always love it,  but right now paint seems so deliciously messy and somehow freeing.  I wonder if I can ever learn to make something I like, or how much that will even matter to me as long as I have the pleasure of touching the color.  I can hardly wait!

How about you…what makes your heart sing?


2 thoughts on “This makes my heart sing.

  1. Bonnie K says:

    Will do:
    Opening up a new Apple device
    Getting to an amazing moment in a story and feeling totally connected to it-Louise Erdrich wrote Love Medicine just for me.
    An amazing movie- I am Love!- I can still taste it!
    Walking on the Tel Aviv beach with Tuvia
    The south west- New Mexico, Arizona.
    A great song!
    Some of my guitar practice
    That’s all for now…

  2. lynnjake says:

    Oh Bonnie, I think this could be a meme – “Fifteen things that make my heart sing…” You’ve so opened the subject. Now I want to make a bigger list of my own!

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