Searching for clarity

All my life, it seems, I’ve been searching for clarity.  As a child I hammered my mom relentlessly for details about any story she told.  She would patiently say, “Lynn, I’ve told you all I know,”  and still I wouldn’t give up.  Now that I’m a grownup in 2010, I have the internet to help me find the details I crave.

As a photographer, I have always judged the quality of my photos by the sharp edges I’m able to capture.  As I take photos, I am learning about composition, light, depth of field, all of which are essential to a good photograph.  Even so, I still delete the photos that have soft edges where I don’t want them.  Recently I bought a new camera.  I expected the shots to automatically be sharp and clear, and was surprised to learn that wasn’t the case.  I still have to learn to make that clarity happen.

I think life is like that, too.  You have to make the clarity happen.  It is just not an automatic thing.  I think, it is a matter of allowing.  You have to act to simplify, remove the obstructions, then hold really still and let the clarity emerge.  I’m still working on that.  I somehow imagine I will always work on that.


One thought on “Searching for clarity

  1. blkdrama says:

    I love the way you use photography as a metaphor for how view of life. Make me think about what I look for in my view finder. I think for me it’s trying to capture and freeze a moment of life. Something that wow’s.
    BTW, great shot. Are you enjoying the new camera? Is it giving you more control?

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